Are you satisfied with your cleaning
service?  Call Hometown Cleaning Services, and see what we have to offer!
We offer competitive prices, and quality cleaning for all our customers.  Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.  If you are seeking a cleaning service to meet your tight schedules, and specific needs, call HOMETOWN CLEANING SERVICES
Hometown Cleaning Services understands the importance of your time and tight schedules.
We will customize each project according to your needs.  We price each job on a project basis.  We have prices starting as low
0.14 cents per square foot.  Our standard cleaning includes, but not limited to:
1.  Removing stickers, labels, and temporary protection from tubs, toilets, lavatories, sinks, appliances, and cabinets.  Clean all of the above to a sparkling shine.
2.  Safely remove stickers from windows. Scrape and wash inside and outside of windows and sliders.  Clean frames, and tracks.  Your windows and sliders will gleam.
3.  Kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities will be vacuumed cleaned inside and out, and polished. All counter tops will be cleaned and polished.  All fixtures, trim will be cleaned and polished.
4.  Clean all utility closets, storage closets, and garages will be swept and cleaned.
5.  All water heaters, water valve boxes, A/C units will be dust and dirt free.
6.  All Vents, open ducts will be vacuumed and dust free.
7. All wood base, jams, casing and shelving will be cleaned.
8.  Exterior doors, including the threshold will be cleaned.  All interior doors will be cleaned and dust free.
9.  All walls will be dusted as needed.
10.  Floors will be swept, vacuumed, and mopped.

Management will ALWAYS check on each project and make certain all work is COMPLETE and ABOVE ACCEPTABLE before we say, "THE JOB IS DONE!"

Your new homeowners, or tenants will be ready to move-in!