Whatever your needs may be, Hometown Cleaning Services will accommodate.   If you are searching for the company that will make your facility sparkle and shine, call us today.  352-245-6736
Hometown Cleaning Services provides a quality, reliable, and affordable cleaning service that you will appreciate.  Your facility is your image, and we understand the importance of your image for your growing business.  A clean facility shows you care about your customers, patrons, and staff members, and keeps everyone healthier.  We utilize the most revolutionized color-coded microfiber technology to reduce the transmission of viruses, and infections most commonly found in both public and private environments.

Benefits of Microfiber Technology include:

**Microfiber attracts dirt, grease and grime with its small angled edges along the fibers that pull in and attract dirt leaving the surface truly clean.
**Microfiber absorbs twice the amount of water than cotton and other cleaning fibers in half the time.
**Microfiber’s durability allows it to be washed and reused, reducing pollution and chemical hazards.
**Microfiber is completely lint-free and non-abrasive.
**Studies show a distinct advantage in the removal of pathogens by utilizing microfiber.
**Increased productivity by the use of EPA recommended microfiber flat mopping.